Family & Child Enrichment Services

Open Play

At EWEF we use a learning through play philosophy. Open play is a time that children can choose where they want to play based on their interests. The children have opportunities to work on social skills such as sharing, asking someone to play, separating from their caregiver, feeling confident in their ability to make choices, and learn a variety of other skills at each center.


During art children are able to express themselves while working on fine motor skills, cutting, color identification, and sharing. Art even allows children to practice science concepts such as color mixing and cause and effect.  Being creative is one of the best ways to build self confidence in children.


Music is a wonderful way to get our bodies moving and practice impulse control, rhythm and tempo, following directions and have a great time.

Story Time

Reading 20 minutes a day to your child is one of the best ways to get them ready for kindergarten. It is an invaluable piece of early childhood learning. That is why we have a focused story time that is interactive and engaging for all ages. We begin story time by going over the parts of the book and then practice our listening skills while the story is read. Props and acting may also take place to really make the book come alive. We also have a library that children can choose books to read and borrow. We strive to encourage a love for reading.